LaPOST Document

altThe LaPOST document is recommended for patients with life limiting illness and irreversible conditions. The document is completed by the patient and the physician.
The official LaPOST document is written in the statute R.S. 40:1299.64.1 through 1299.64.6. It can be downloaded by clicking here and print onto gold paper.  Gold is the recommended color so that the form can be easily recognized, photocopied and/or faxed.
  • Astrobright Galaxy Gold 65# is recommended for use on a paper chart where durability is needed.
  • Xerox Goldenrod 20# and Exact Brights Gold 20# are also recommended, but are not as durable.

A photocopy of the form is also valid in black and white. Although gold is the recognized and recommended color, the form remains valid if another paper is used as long as the content of the form itself is not altered.