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Services & Benefits

The Quality Forum has a great deal of expertise in helping Louisiana's health care providers achieve PCMH recognition. This recognition may come from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) or The Joint Commission.

In addition to assistance in applying for PCMH recognition, the Quality Forum has implemented a robust service line to provide the following:

• PCMH assessment
• Training
• Project management
• Quality plan design
• Virtual and on-site coaching
• Practice and workflow redesign
• Templates for policies and procedures
• Education and outreach

With its experience serving as the state’s Regional Extension Center (REC), the Quality Forum is also well-positioned to assist providers with adopting, implementing and/or upgrading an electronic health record (EHR) system, which can support their effort to advance to higher levels of PCMH recognition.

- Click here to learn more about EHR adoption and optimization.

As a health care provider considering the PCMH transformation, you should first understand that this care model continues to gain tremendous support from both public and private sectors. This support is based largely on a mounting body of evidence demonstrating the model's successes in increasing access to care, controlling costs, improving patient satisfaction and better outcomes.

Consider, too, a few of the other benefits of PCMH transformation:
• Engaged patients/families
• Reduced hospital and ED utilization
• Greater practice efficiency
• Improved patient satisfaction
• Improved quality
• Enhanced provider experience
• Less administrative duties for clinicians

Meet the Team
Jody Marsh
Practice Consultant
Michelle Jewell 062316
Michelle Jewell, RN, CPE
Practice Consultant



    Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum

    8550 United Plaza, Suite 500
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809

    Ph (225) 334-9299 | Fax 225-334-9847


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