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For Consumers

A health care consumer is anyone who uses, has used or may use any health care or health care-related service. This means that we are all health care consumers, and as such, we must take active roles in managing our health and engaging with our health care providers.

For this reason, the Quality Forum includes consumer outreach and education as one of its most important goals. As a health care consumer, you need information that helps you make decisions when receiving care, when choosing a provider or health plan, when engaging in self-care and when making lifestyle choices that may affect your health.

The information in this section is designed to help you become an empowered, engaged health care consumer by providing you with important information about efforts to improve care quality and outcomes while reducing health care costs.

In addition, the Quality Forum has partnered with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) in a statewide campaign called "Your Health In Your Hands" to educate Louisiana's patients and families about how to engage in their health. You can find more information about tools such as electronic health records, patient portals and the Louisiana Health Information Exchange as well as information about patient rights at

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