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Louisiana Health Information Exchange (LaHIE)

The Basics

A health information exchange, or HIE, is a secure electronic system. It allows your doctors to quickly see and share your health information so they can make better decisions about your care. The Louisiana Health Information Exchange, or LaHIE (pronounced 'La-HIGH'), is the HIE for our state.

LaHIE is designed to keep your health information safe. If your doctors are participating in LaHIE, they can see your health information if they have your permission. LaHIE gives your doctors a more complete view of your medical history, which allows them to safely and more quickly treat you.

LaHIE is also designed to improve the convenience of your health care, such as reviewing blood pressure levels over time, helping a loved one monitor cholesterol levels and not missing work for unnecessary visits to your doctor or pharmacy.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to having your health information in LaHIE, including:

• Less paperwork to fill out
• Not having to repeat medical tests
• Being able to see your health information
• Faster, safer care
• Fewer medication errors

Patient Portal

As a health care consumer, it is important for you to have access to your personal health information. Through LaHIE's Patient Portal, you will be able to review the details of your own medical records and history, which will help you to make more informed decisions about your health.

The Patient Portal is a secure, online website that provides you with 24-hour access to your personal health information. Your health care provider must be actively participating in LaHIE and subscribed to the Patient Portal service in order for your health information to be available through the portal. Your health care provider can register you with the Patient Portal. When your registration is complete, you can access the portal and your personal health information by using a secure username and password.

Once you have access to the Patient Portal, you will have access to all your health information stored in LaHIE by your health care provider. In addition, you will be able to access the Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) from your other participating health care providers. A CCD is not a complete medical history, but it does include important information that is necessary to effectively continue your care, such as your family medical history.

As the Patient Portal continues to grow, you will be able to access all the information about you that has been stored in LaHIE by your participating providers. If you have other health care providers who are not participating in LaHIE, you will not be able to see the health information those providers may have about you.

If you would like more information, click here for our guide to the Louisiana Health Information Exchange or talk to your health care providers.

For a current list of Heath IT Partners, click here.


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